Independent Learning Program

Independent Study Program

Independent study is a unique expedition opportunity, designed for self-initiating students whose special interests are most robustly met outside of a traditional Summit Internship.

How is Independently Study unique and different from Summit Internships?
  • The Independent Study (IS) Course was originally designed as an opportunity for students to engage in deep personalized experiences about their passions.  Separate from Internship, IS was created for students to experientially learn about choice topics that were not offered in day-to-day Summit Courses.

  • As it functions now, IS experiences are ideal for students who are highly motivated, passionate about unique skills, and who find constructing their own learning experiences deeply satisfying.

  • Altogether, this program is designed to deepen student’s expeditions and core class experiences in student-selected, authentic, and professional work world experiences.

Examples of Current Successful Independent Study Courses
  • Teaching Assistant + Independent Learning Project
  • Wilderness and Outdoor Education Cabin Leaders
  • Film and Video Production project for Expeditions Courses
  • Student-Taught Ethnic Studies Course

Requirements for Independent Study Course
  • Seek out and secure the assistance of an expert in the community who will provide expertise in the topic of the proposed course - providing coaching, guiding, and advising the student as they progress through the IS program.

  • Request a course proposal and submit a comprehensive proposal that outlines in detail a course focused on one major topic or area of interest.

  • Plan curriculum and experiences that will fill 30 hours each full week of school (6 hours per day).

  • Present proposal to a panel of faculty and students for approval.

  • During the course submit paperwork, meet deadlines, and complete project requirements in timely succession.